BlueStacks for PC: Do you want to install your most favorite android app on your PC. Then what you are waiting for. Just go to install Bluestacks on your PC and get whatever you want. Yes! BlueStacks will help you to download your all time favorite android apps and games on your PC. You might be thinking that what is BlueStacks. So here i will explain you what is BlueStacks and how its work on PC.

What is BlueStacks for PC?

BlueStacks is a most popular android emulator which let user to download android and iOS games on their Computer. This android emulator is totally free. And best platform for game lovers as well. BlueStacks let user to play most popular android games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go etc on PC. You also can use Social media apps on your PC like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and much more. You can use apps and android games at a time on your mobile and PC.

BlueStacks provide you very comfortable menu and easiest streaming experience. It is very easy to install on PC. Once you download Bluestacks on PC and run the program. Then you have to enter your old Google account and sync all of your free and paid apps. After installing Bluestacks on PC you will feel like you are using android device. Because this android emulator give you a complete android enviroment.  Once you install BlueStacks on PC then you can download whatever you want from PlayStore.

What are the Uses of BlueStacks ?

BlueStacks is an incredible android emulator which has different uses. Its allow user to sync app between phone and PC via cloud connect app. And also help you to move files between PC and BlueStacks with share folder feature .  BlueStacks allow you to run thousand of android games and apps on your PC without any interruption. Now you can play games with mouse and Keyboard which give you better experience than touchscreen motions. All android apps don’t run the same in your PC and the controls and interface are also can be different.

bluestacks for pcSo you may find few apps disappointing on PC but not all. It’s a simple app and 100% free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to download it on PC. But if you want to keep using your own apps on BlueStacks then you have to pay monthly fee. If you want to download this amazing tool on your PC then you must need 2GB of RAM and 9GB disk space as well. So if you want to make your PC Android device then Install BlueStacks without wasting time.

BlueStacks for PC features:

  • This android emulator let user to play games directly on PC
  • Play games with simple key mapping tool.
  • You can map tilting, swiping, and many more native mobile action direct to your keyboard and mouse.
  • This tool allows user to play multiple apps at once.
  • You have an easy access to functions of BlueStacks like shake the screen, adjust volume and many more.
  • Click the full screen button and immerse yourself inside of App player.
  • Allow you to share your live stream on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can track of your viewers and interact with them in your Twitch chat.

How to Install BlueStacks on PC?