v380 Pro For PC, Windows 10 And Mac

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V380 Pro for PC is a convenient and easy to use app comes with great uses and intuitive tools. The new pro version has a very good angle of visibility and let you see whatever is nearby. You can keep eye on your home and office in real-time without any issue. And if you are away from your family V380 Pro let you communicate with them. This app is not only good for indoor but also best for outdoor as well as its provide you oprtunity to answer the door and makes it safe for your family. V380 Pro is suitable for android and iOS devices but here we will guide you how you can download V380 Pro on PC and Mac? For complete detail and installation method go a head with this article.

What are the uses of V380 Pro?

This app comes with unique features and uses. Now you can record your security cameras videos on this app and watch them later. Its let your monitor your all cctv cameras and view live videos more easily from desktop or mobile. Now keep eye on your personal places 24/7 no matter wherever you are. This app helps you to keep your family and office safe and secure, its alarming service feature always inform you if any abnormal situation happen to your cameras. V380 Pro change your device into a remote control and let you monitor your all cameras anytime even if you are out of country. You just need an internet connection and you able to watch your home office even communicate with them as well.

Moreover V380 Pro let you share your device with anyone and monitor your cameras together. We must say this app is best for security because if any abnormal situation happen this app start alarming on your device and capture the picture of that situation. So you can easily view previous recording and secure your place immediately. It also have opprtunity of cloud storage which is offering highly encrypted data. So if your device loss or damage, you can get your old data from cloud storage easily. V380 Pro offering their uses best customer service, so if you got stuck they will help you to got your app and camera working together. Download V380 for PC from Here.v380 Pro For PC, Windows 10 And Mac

.Main Features of V380 Pro for PC:

  • Simple designed and easy to use app.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Best camera result.
  • Record videos and let you watch them later.
  • Support outdoor and indoor cameras.
  • Best app for handling abnormal situation.
  • Support security alarm.
  • Share device and monitor camera with anyone.
  • Free to install on all devices.
  • Most intuitive and reliable app.
  • Support customer service.
  • Work with all internet connections.

What is new in V380 Pro for PC?

The new version of this app is upgrades and comes with unique features such as they add V-Coin payment for cloud storage service. V380 Pro users can change display mode, so now users can have number of colors and maximum image resolution. They are also offering new feature of scanning QR code which make it more easy to set up your device and also let you scan serial number of CCTV cameras. Its new version is performing better than before.

V380 Pro PC:

This app will provide you a great experience on PC and Mac. Because this app help you to view video and pictures of your CCTV cameras more clearly on large screen of PC and Mac Laptop. As it is an android based app, but no need to worry. Because all you need to download any Download Android Emulator and Mac then you are able to use this app with its full features. Below section you will find a complete details about Download V380 Pro for PC and Mac.

How To Install V380 Pro For PC:

Follow the steps below to install V380 Pro for PC:

Step 1:

Download Android Emulator from here, when downloading complete, open .exe and start setup. It will take some time to get installed.

Step 2:

Now agree with terms and conditions to proceed. After that add Google account credentials to login into Bluestacks. It will sync all you app and paid apps with Bluestacks.

Step 3:

Bluestacks is configured in your system open it and search “V380 Pro”. app will open in Google Play Store. click on is install button.

Step 4:

Now V380 Pro for PC is ready to use, locate the app by going back to desktop and doubel click on app icon.

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