YouTube Kids For PC, Windows 10 And Mac

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YouTube introduce new learning platform for kids which name is YouTube Kids for PC. Its allow kids to watch and learn at the same time. On this app you will find all videos related to kids and great towards parents. Now parents can involved with their child’s development. This app keeps your kids occupied all day. over all great app for almost all ages. YouTube Kids is an android and iOS app, you can not download direct on PC and Mac Laptop. So here we will guide you how to watch YouTube kids on Mac and how to get YouTube kid on desktop?

What are the uses of YouTube Kid for PC:youtube kids for pc

YouTube kid is a great learning app which let you allow your kids watch videos on YouTube without worrying. It is an amazing learning equipment and  allow kids to explore the world through online video. This app has option of parental controls which let parents to check that what their kids are watching and searching. They are offering so many unique features to help parents  create the great experience for their kids. Now parents don’t need to worry about inappropriate videos because parents can approved content.

Moreover they also can disable search option in setting. You also can create up to 8 kids profiles. And provide you option to open up new content for 8-12 year old. Eight plus kids can search different gaming, learning, music and YouTube kids videos. This application is available up to 38 countries. Its block features help you to remove and block all those videos and channels which you don’t want your kid to watch. You also can set a time on your kids videos. This timer option allow you to put limits on how long your kids can watch YouTube.  You can check previous history that what your kids watch, when you are not with them. This app will provide a best experience to your kids and parents.

Main features of YouTube Kids:

  • Great learning app for kids.
  • Create Google Account for kids under 13.
  • Support parent approved content.
  • Create different profile for kids.
  • Parents can remove and block all unwanted videos and channels from YouTube.
  • Allow you to view all old history.
  • Parents can suggest about any content.
  • Set up time on your kids video.
  • Parents can report on any inappropriate video.
  • Your kids use YouTube Kid with their Google Account.

Is YouTube Kid available for desktop?

This app is only available for android, Android TV and iOS. You can not run YouTube Kid direct on PC Windows and Mac. So for using this app on PC/Laptop you must need an android emulator which help you to run YouTube Kid with its full features on desktop. So if you want to download this app on PC and Mac then you need to read the full instruction in below section.

  • You can download Android Emulator from here.
  • Open .exe file and run the package to install all files.
  • When all installation process complete, you need to login with your GMail credentials.
  • Your Android Emulator is fully configured with system. Now go to My Apps and then open system apps in emulator. here you find some installed app, open Google Play Store and search “YouTube Kids”. App will open, click on install button.
  • YouTube Kids for PC/Windows is ready to use, just go back and locate your app.

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